About Creative Camp

Who is this for? This is for anyone who wishes to enhance their creative skills, looking to be more creative, overcoming their writer’s block, wondering how to get ideas, wanting to boost their creativity, and wanting to know how to utilize their imaginations for any personal or professional project.  Creative Camp will help people think more “outside-the-box.”


What do we do? This is an internet based program people can do at home or anywhere they can access the internet. There are small activities and homework assignments.

When is camp? You can go to camp anytime you want. This is a free resource that is available at anytime.

Where is camp? This camp program was designed to be completed safely from home. Or if you prefer to get out of the house, you can access all this information from the library or at a friends house.

Why go to camp? There are many reasons to go to Creative Camp!  Some of them include: to enhance creative skills, to overcome writer’s block, to get ideas for personal or business projects, to give creativity a boost, to know how to utilize the imagination, to think more “outside-the-box” for marketing professionals and entrepreneurs, and to inspire innovation and new trends.

How do we go to camp? Go through each chapter beginning with the introduction and then finally the conclusion.  The best part of this camp is that all you really need to do is watch a little, read a little, practice a little, and have fun.


Questions, comments, concerns, general inquiries? You can email the program creator, Niccole Rumans directly: info@coachniccole.com