Program Conclusion

The Conclusion:

In the beginning man had an idea, and then we became a country of ideas, many dreams that came true.


But what sparked their imagination in the first place?  The sights and sounds of what they saw.  They saw an opportunity to create and build.  And then from their creations spawned more creations.  Get the picture?

And now we are at the end of this journey:

  • In Chapter 1 you went on a city adventure.
  • In Chapter 2 you learned to experiment.
  • In Chapter 3 you learned to have fun.
  • In Chapter 4 you learned how to observe nature.
  • In Chapter 5 you learned to work with your hands.

Each chapter enabled you to work your imagination so you could get your creative juices flowing.  So now you can take each lesson and apply them to your life, at work or at home.

Success, you made it!  Thank you for coming to camp. 

Please connect with me on social media and share any successes you have had with this course, I would love to hear from you!





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